Executive Search Process

Targeted Selection

Our Partners at Major Executive Search utilize a Targeted Selection Process for each search engagement since best of breed executives are not typically circulating a resume. Our Search Process is not complicated but it is consistent from start to finish. We conduct new research for every client engagement specifically targeting the best individuals in their field and leave no stone unturned, searching and sourcing top executives everywhere to ensure that our client’s interests are served. We thrive on the chase, we never settle and we don’t shy away from the hard work it takes to provide the services you need in hiring the best talent for your company. Guaranteed.

Phase I: Consultation

Pre-Search – Week 1

  • Confirm the engagement and meet with Client for site visit
  • Understand the history, goals, structure, and dynamics of the Client organization
  • Develop the initial candidate profile and position specification
  • Develop the search strategy, target companies, off limits, etc.

Phase II: Confirmation

Week 1

  • Set up weekly updates between Major Executive Search and Client
  • Finalize the individual, company and position specification
  • Finalize detailed research on target companies, network with sources, and identify prospective candidates

Phase III: Candidate Identification & Presentation

Weeks 2 – 4

  • Identify benchmark candidate(s) with Client
  • Conduct confidential and discreet backdoor reference checking, whenever possible, to verify candidate profile
  • Provide weekly search status and summary reports to clients

Phase IV: Client Assessment & Evaluation of Candidate Slate

Weeks 4 – 8

  • Assess and review each candidate in detail with the Client
  • Provide Consultant Comment Reports for each candidates
  • Major Executive Search to handle all interview travel and logistics for candidates, as necessary

Phase V: Search Completion

Weeks 8 – 12

  • Second round of candidate interviews by Client, as appropriate
  • Conduct formal reference checking, degree verification civil/criminal background check per client request
  • Assist in negotiating terms and offer with the successful candidate
  • Major Executive Search follows up in the first 12 months to evaluate success of the placement and quality of the process after search is completed.

Excellence isn’t an act, it’s a habit, and the natural choice is rarely the best choice.
Never settle for less in retained executive search.

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