We were thrilled to sponsor the recent 5050 Women on Boards event in San Diego, an initiative that aligns perfectly with our core values.  We take immense pride in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, where every voice is valued, and every perspective is recognized.  We firmly believe that diversity in leadership in not just a goal but a necessity for the success and growth of any organization.  Teresa Jacques (MES Partner) along with Sunnie House, Jennifer Jett and Jennifer Rubin were Co-Chairs at this incredible event.

Why We Sponsored the 5050 Women on Boards Event:

Advancing Gender Equality:  Supporting initiatives like 5050 Women on Boards is our way of contributing to the advancement of gender equality in leadership roles.

Showcasing our Commitment:  By sponsoring this event, we wanted to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to promote gender diversity. We believe that real change comes through concrete actions, and this sponsorship is one such action.

Networking and Collaboration:  The 5050 Women on Boards event provided a unique platform for professionals and leaders to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

Learning and Growth:  We gained insights from the powerful speakers and panel discussions, which will help us in our ongoing journey towards a more inclusive workplace.

We hope that all those attended found this event encouraging and informative as your embark on your board service journey.

MES Partner, Teresa Jacques and the WOB Leadership Committee