Dr. Bami Bastani is nominated as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sivers Semiconductors AB and is appointed Executive Chairman of Sivers Semiconductors Inc.

Sivers Semiconductors AB (STO: SIVE) today announced that its subsidiary, Sivers Semiconductors Inc., has appointed Dr. Bami Bastani as US Executive Chairman and has been nominated as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sivers Semiconductors AB.

Dr. Bastani joined Sivers’ team as Strategic Advisor to the Board and the Management team in August 2023. He brings over 42 years of semiconductor industry experience, most recently as Senior Vice president at GlobalFoundries and GlobalFoundries’ board member at the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). Prior to GlobalFoundries, Dr. Bastani held President, CEO, and Board member positions at Meru Networks, Trident Microsystems, and ANADIGICS. He brings over 20 years of serving on Boards of Directors of public and private companies.

Sivers’ acquisition of Mixcomm, a leader in mmWave solutions for Satcom and 5G in the US, has established the company with a strong presence in the US. Dr. Bastani will assist the CEO, Anders Storm, in further strengthening Sivers’ position in the US with his vast network of executive contacts, sales opportunities, attracting talent, and overall strategies for success.

“Bami Bastani is currently the strategic advisor to the Board of Sivers Semiconductors. He has provided the company with outstanding senior advice and networking in the semiconductor industry. The Nomination Committee sees Bami Bastani as an important resource in leading the Board of Directors as the Chairman.”, says Joachim Cato, Chairman of the Nomination Committee. “The Nomination Committee greatly values that current Chairman Tomas Duffy will continue his service on the Board as Vice Chairman, thereby safeguarding continuity on the Board. Tomas has served on the Board since 2016 and as Chairman since 2018.”

“Dr. Bastani has been instrumental in opening new doors as an advisor to the company. With his vast business experience, he will provide valuable senior guidance, industry knowledge, and business contacts to Sivers’ team,” says Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

“Sivers is uniquely positioned at the heart of high-speed communication solutions that drive the megatrends that impact every aspect of our lives, such as AI, data centers, Satcom, etc. with its leadership in mmWave and Photonics technologies. I am excited to be part of further strengthening Sivers’ presence in the market place.”, said Dr. Bami Bastani.